Sunday, November 30, 2008

NY Times Looks at Queens Blvd.

Thanks to our two-wheeling friends at Transportation Alternatives, the New York Times paid a visit to Queens Blvd in the Sunday edition.

Verdict: Be thankful for the metal cattle fences.

Nicole Garcia, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Department, said, “Safety is our top priority as we build on the safety enhancements we’ve made along Queens Boulevard and throughout the city, which have led to a dramatic decrease in accidents.” As for a bike lane on the boulevard, Ms. Garcia said, there are no current plans for one. The high number of pedestrians and the heavy traffic, she said, present challenges for building a bike lane there.

So, the traffic is so heavy in Manhattan that we have to charge people to enter it, but it also has most of the new bike lanes in NYC. And are there really more pedestrians on Queens Blvd than on Eighth Avenue (site of the newest protected bike lane)?

Enough excuses, make part of the service road a protected bike lane. Or better yet, toll it (NYC residents exempt) and use the funds to beautify it.