Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tale of Two Deliveries

Michaelangelo's Pizza vs. A&J's Pizza.

Though I was excited to try Michaelangelo's as I've heard good things about it, it stunk. Thick chewy crust. Very sweet sauce. Goopy cheese. It was like 7-11 pizza. Misshapen due too poor delivery handling. Almost inedible. Over an hour delivery time to boot. Cost $17.50

A&J on the other hand was solid. Yes, it's taken a slight hit since Sal left, but still a top notch above average pizza pie. Sauce had a little spice, not too much cheese. Delivered in perfect shape and very hot in 37 minutes. Cost $21.50.

A&J's in a blowout. Bonus points for Michaelangelo's for having a great looking take out menu.