Sunday, November 30, 2008

This Is Black Friday, Right?

Went to Atlas Park on Black Friday. Maybe it's not a Black Friday type place, but for the "Super Bowl of Shopping" it was pretty empty - at least at noon.

Some impressions:

Didn't like people walking around the green handing out fliers to their stores.

I see they're still pitching "Mr. Bemberlinx". Ditch the saccharine name - it hasn't caught on in three years. Call him King Damon.

You need that bridge store (Best Buy/H&M, etc) to bring the people out of the chain restaurants an into retail mode - but I'm sure you've known that since Atlas Park existed only on cocktail napkins.

The real problem is people around here aren't as affluent as the numbers indicate. They do make money - but the cost of living in Bloomberg's NYC is astronomical. NYC Personal Income Tax, NYS Income Tax, much higher real estate tax, parking tickets, insurance, day care. That median income of $90K or whatever, it's gone by the first of the month.

Good job lowering the height maximum of playing in the fountain to 36". Somedays, you'd see entire families in there with tricked out water guns running around like it's Jones Beach It's a place for toddlers to cool off and let their parents sit for a few minutes.

But I still maintain the biggest drawback is the circular parking lot. Once you park that car and walk through the Art World tunnel, you shouldn't have to worry about a car coming out of nowhere. If you want to really be like Clinton Crossing or that one in Monroe, ban all cars from pedestrian areas.

Sorry for all the Atlas posts, but I really do want this place to make it.