Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Welcome Back Hooligans

College kids are getting back into town today, just in time to throw some laundry in and go out and get f'd up. For you guys and your extra 15 pounds, here are some new places that have sprouted up since last Thanksgiving.

Bonfire Grill: Good place for a small group, a little tight for a big one. (72-27 Austin St).

Tap House: Less crowded and a great place to meet up since there's a lot of space. Might be a little lifeless to spend the whole night there. (A few doors west of Bonfire).

Moca: All depends on what college you're going to. Northwestern? Keep moving. Hunter? Come on in. (Restaurant Row).

Old Standbys:

5 Burros: Pass. Too crowded, not worth the hassle. (Next to Tap House).

Irish Cottage: Not bad, but beware of some Glendale lifer telling you all night that you're being brainwashed by your liberal professors. He's right of course, but tonight's not the night. (72nd Ave between QB and Austin St.).

Dirty Pierre's; Small, but great if you decide to get on the LIRR into the city. (Station Square).

TGI Fridays/Pizzeria Uno's: Are you sure you're in college?