Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GM = Gone Mobile?

$3000 +++++ Vacant lot Queens Blvd (forest hills)
Reply to: mailto:hous-950282589@craigslist.org?subject=$3000%20+++++%20Vacant%20lot%20%20Queens%20Blvd%20(forest%20%20hills) [?]Date: 2008-12-08, 5:29PM EST
60.56 X 31.25 Lot. Used To A Car Dealership. 1890 Sqft great for paking of CAR LOTS
Location: forest hills

This Craigslist ad probably isn't for the little satillite lot in front of HB Chevrolet, but how many car dealerships are there on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills? Might be that ugly stretch near Blinds to Go.

The bigger question is with GM reportedly planning to cut about 1/3 of its dealerships, what happens to that huge space on 69th and Austin if GM cuts that one? The new upzone, prohibits car dealerships in that space - but HB is grandfathered in. But if HB goes out and with one of its subsidiaries owning the land, it could mean major changes for the west side.