Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going Around In Circles

Story in the Queens Chronicle about the Forest Park Carousel. The Parks Department is looking for someone to operate the concession stand/area.

Quote: Maria Thompson of Woodhaven became attracted to the carousel almost 41 years ago, shortly after moving here from the Bronx and taking her young daughter to the park. “I never saw such happiness on children’s faces,” Thompson said.

“The music, the horses, the whole atmosphere. It’s like toyland.” She said the site’s condition has deteriorated over recent years and the hours of operation have been inconsistent, something both she and the Parks Department hope changes next year.

The city wants the new operator to update the carousel and its surrounding area to a degree — put in some new picnic tables, fix up some of the horses and maybe add some new lighting — but its primary goal is to get someone who knows how to advertise the location and get people into the park.

It's a great carousel, but like a lot of Queens parks, it is neglected. Burned out light bulbs remain unchanged, it's dark and somewhat depressing, and there is an inexplicable amount of broken equipment inside the carousel's tent for storage. Sometimes it looks more like a junkyard than a merry go round.

Here's hoping they find a vendor to clean it up - it really is a great carousel and the one in Flushing Meadows park is just too freaking fast.