Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Bonfire

Add one to the plus side of the polarized Bonfire reviews. This Hunter College publication loved it.

However, a house must is the Thai Chicken Skewers marinated in honey plum soy sauce dressing and served with peanut sauce, and the Grilled Duck Breast also glazed in a plum sauce and served with string beans and mashed potatoes. The home made sauces are a chef specialty that adds an extra punch to the already delightful dishes.

"We just want to bring good food, a good place to hang out, and good drinks to this neighborhood," commented New York native Chef Debbie Rose.

Grilled Duck Breast in a glazed plum sauce might be a bit ambitious for a place where even the chef just wants 'a good place to hang out'. But even though it overreaches sometimes, I think Bonfire Grill is one of the best looking restaurants on Austin Street and is great for the neighborhood. You have to imagine its popularity influenced the lame-ass Modus to flip to the much more useful Tap House.