Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Maybe They're Too Disabled to Clean It Up

We're coming up on the ten year anniversary of the Forest Hills LIRR Station $7 million renovation. And she's not holding up well.

From the NY Daily News on June 4th 1999:

The completion of a two-year, $7 million project to restore the Long Island Rail Road's historic Forest Hills station to its former elegance was marked yesterday with a rededication ceremony led by Gov. Pataki.

"From the restoration of Grand Central Station and the rebirth of Penn Station to the rehabilitation of the historic Forest Hills station, our public transportation system is truly in the midst of a renaissance," Pataki said.

Grand Central still looks great. Penn Station's new NJ Transit wing is immaculate. Forest Hills? A picture is worth a thousand words - and yes, I've told station managment weeks ago to clean it up.

This station is beautiful and to see it in this condition is embarrassing. Graffiti, cracked windows, spray foam sloppily shot in every sidewalk crevice instead of putty, fecal matter (my guess isn't dog) that doesn't get cleaned up for days. Disgraceful.

I know times are hard. If you can't patrol the station in the overnight, close it. And I mean close it with metal gates. There's one train westbound between 1:25am and 5:40am (the 2:24am) and none eastbound in the same time period. Just close it and if anyone is caught up there, throw them in jail for trespassing.

$7 million down the tubes. Thank goodness George Pataki isn't alive to see it.