Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moving Trains

On the 5:51 evening train leaving Penn Station yesterday, a homeless-looking guy got on. He told the conductor that didn't have any money or a ticket, and was causing a bit of a racket but nothing dangerous or anything. No one really paid him any mind as he talked to himself briefly and then kept quiet.

But one man got up and moved to another car. The man was well dressed wearing a suede fedora - the kind middle aged men wear to look cool (I'm sure there was a bluetooth there somewhere). He was clearly moving to get away from our homeless looking friend.

And on our well dressed man's lapel? An 'Obama' pin.

Now, isn't part of Obama's message one of unity? 'Yes we can' and all that.If anything, I would expect an Obama supporter (especially one proud enough to wear a pin months after the election) offer this annoying but harmless person some kind of assistance, or at least a smile - not run away to another part of the train.

So how much of Obama's support is just phonies following the crowd (like Apple computer fans) and how many really believe he's going to change things?

I bought into it, but I wish he would make some kind of interesting cabinet pick. President-elect Obama - you can do whatever you want - let's mix it up already!