Sunday, December 7, 2008

Someday Care

Reading through the Queens Central forums sometimes yields some news, and today was no different. There was a rumor posted that the Ethan Allen space was converting into a day care. The Department of Buildings site confirms the plans (see excerpt above).

Only problem? The plan was disapproved. It doesn't say why, and you'll remember about fifteen plans by David Koptiev were disapproved before he built his huge building for his one second-floor tenant, so it'll probably meet whatever requirement the city is looking for. Of course, the Staubach center was disapproved too until it finally just ran out the clock.

A well-staffed clean and spacious day care center would be welcome around here. The plans also indicate that children named Ethan or Alan get 10% off and free play all weekend. The plan doesn't figure to be a major enticement however, as every child in the world is named either Jack or Max.