Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tough Times

Another Times piece today looks at holiday tipping. A FoHi doorman got in a quote:

Doormen know that residents are doing uncomfortable calculations this year. Martin Hidalgo, a doorman at a condominium building on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, said some residents have hinted that they will not be as generous as in past years.

“They say, ‘Maybe this year you’re going to get less than last year,’ ” Mr. Hidalgo said. “They say it’s because of the stock market.”

He has done some uncomfortable calculations himself. He said he is expecting less — about $3,500, or roughly half of what his Christmas tips usually total. “If $20 comes my way, that’s fine,” he said. “The main thing is my salary and benefits.”

If he ususally gets $7 k at a condo on QB, it's got to be the Pinnacle. I don't think the Windsor has enough apartments to pay out $7000. Martin, if you're a reader, please email the blog after Christmas and let us know how you made out.