Monday, December 1, 2008

Can Anyone Beat This Guy?

Mayor Bloomberg owes me $400 and he won't pay up. He says "it's not a not a legal issue, it's a fiscal issue." And as ususal, the suckass media won't call him on it, except Fred Siegal, whose fantastic NY Post piece on the topic should be required reading for anyone voting in 2009 (too bad it was buried in a weekend edition). I urge you all to take a few minutes at lunch and read it.


Excerpt: . . .the cupboards are bare because Bloomberg has emptied them for his own political ambitions. While the stock market was heading south, Bloomberg, one eye on a potential presidential run, raised his approval numbers by expanding the city payroll. Since 2004, he has hired at least 40,000 new city employees, while bringing his own mayoral staff to record levels.

This city has almost gotten too expensive to live in under the Mayor and as I've said all along, I just don't see the improvement in the outer boroughs to justify the costs.

I got a parking ticket this weekend for $35. There was a bag over the broken meter, I parked there and a few hours later the bag was gone and meter was working again . With it, was the orange envelope - the sight of which usually causes me to do more monetary damage than the ticket itself. I know the law and I was wrong to not go out after an hour.

I suppose I can ask the city to deduct it from my $400, but I'm going to pay this ticket immediately because it's morally right thing to do. I settle my debts.

The deadbeat Mayor says the city has no money to settle its debt - it's a financial issue not a legal one (wonder if Bloomberg's business clients can get away with that one when the annual bill is due). Deadbeat sounds harsh, but what would you call someone who doesn't pay up claiming they "just don't have it."

If the city can find the cash to hire famous Danish architects/urban planners to do huge studies to find out that Flushing Main Street is crowded, and give big raises to inept DOT officials who can't fix one freaking lane on the Whitestone Bridge in five years, it can cough up the 4 bills it owes me. Just like I'm paying it the $35 I owe it. A deal's a deal.