Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Back Gift

Good news for LIRR riders like me. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 5:24.

One weakness of the LIRR has been the big gap between the 5:04pm Forest Hills train out of Penn Station and the next one, 5:38pm. That 34 minute gap at rush hour makes the 5:38 almost as crowded as a subway. The MTA has addressed that slight discomfort by adding a 5:24pm out of Penn stopping first at (of course) Forest Hills. Service starts September 2nd.

Great work MTA, thanks for going Forest Hills' way.

I take a later train, but plan on checking out the 5:24 the first chance I get. No word on whether the train will be christened with a bagged tall boy.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Drunk Driving Tip: If You Hit Someone, Haul Ass

According to Queens Weekly Forum West, Diana Toro who killed 81 year old Franz Fuerch on Metropolitan Avenue last October while hammered (and drove away), has reach a plea agreement and will receive six months in the pokey. The newspaper doesn't publish online, but here is a transcript from the print edition:

"Toro pled guilty in June to second degree vehicular manslaughter and is expected to be sentenced to six months n jail and five ears of probation, according to a spokesman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. "

"The district attorney's office didn't provide any additional information regarding the plea agreement reached with Toro or whether there were mitigating factors leading to a reduced sentence."

The bad news is the hit-and-run drunkard killer will be free in six months. The good news is Mets 2009 season tickets are already on sale, so Ms. Toro can phone in her order on the way to jail and be there in person for opening day.

Friday, August 29, 2008

FoHo Snap Polling

What does Forest Hills think of Senator McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as VP. Please take a part in our return of the FoHi 24 Hour Polls.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Per an emailed tip, I can confirm that Vital Dent on Austin Street is no more. Over the weekend, I'll try to do a count of vacant storefronts. Off the top of my head:

Games Workshop
Hassan Beauty Supply
Austin Fish Market
Annie Sez
Shoe Bar
Inside NYC
Dmitry (half)
Tasti Delight
Renegade Salon
Piccolo Mondo
Viva Bimbi

And probably a few I'm forgetting. Some of the above may have been rented already, but I can't be sure until a store opens or "coming soon" signage is presented.

How these spaces are filled can very well be a defining moment for Forest Hills. The Chamber of Commerce have continually decided against forming a BID claiming the landlord fees would be passed to the tenants. Let's hope they know what they're doing.

Have a great weekend.

Al(moca)st Here

According to Leo Cheng, the manager of Moca Asian Bistro, the restaurant is having a soft opening on Tuesday September 2nd, with the full gala Grand Opening a couple of weeks later when the kinks are worked out. Big thank you to Mr. Cheng for reaching out to this blog, as Bonfire Grill did.

Also, congratulations again on the transformation of the UJ's dank space into one of Forest Hills destination restaurants (at least by the looks of it).

Here's a sampling of the Hewlitt menu:

Signature Selection-Wok Sauteed & Seared
Sangria Crispy Duck ……………………………………………………………………… 16
Mongolian chicken/steak ………………………………………………………… 16/19
Thai Mango Chicken or Jumbo prawn ……………………………………… 16/19
Golden Crispy Sesame Chicken or Jumbo prawn (No Picture)……… 16/19
Thai Crispy Chicken ……………………………………………………………………… 18
Bird’s Nest ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 20
Siamese Red snapper ………………………………………………………………… 20
Filet mignon w. Chinese Green ………………………………………. 22
Char-Grilled Chilean Sea Bass ……………………………………………………… 23
Roasted Peking Duck ………………………………………………………………. 22/39

Restaurant Details:

Moca Asian Bistro
718 268-3333
107-18 70th Rd. (restaurant row)
Forest Hills 11375

(photo above of the Hewlitt location)

Modus No Vivendi?

Modus Vivendi, in between 5 Burros and Bonfire Grill was closed the other night and looked to be undergoing major renovations. Perhaps a switch back to the Tea Lounge? Of the three bars on that block, it always looked like the least crowded so maybe a change is in order.

If they're still trying to figure it out, here's a hint - breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! Open at 7am on weekends and give hungover kids and parents alike a place to get a huge omlette and french fries. We're sick of waiting until 11am and paying $16.95 for two eggs and a mimosa that no one wants.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Do You Do New Peru?

According to the increasing hard to wade-through Queens Central Forums, a bit of actual news. A Peruvian restaurant is coming to AQUA.

Poster BP states: We happened to discover tonight that the old deli/grocer next to the liquor store on QB and just outside of the 75th subway station is going to be a Peruvian restaurant.

Joining other Forest Hills newcomers Casa Di Elian (Mexican) and La Pampas (Argentina), and Austin Street's Cabana Express (Cuba), FoHi is looking at its first wave of Hispanic cuisine since Sergeant Garcia's and Fresh Soft Taco. While this might will alarm delight some all, the fact that they're upscale and better designed than most Forest Hills existing restaurants should alleviate any "When did Forest Hills become Jackson Heights" anxiety.

Bienvenidos, new Peru.

From the Inbox

I've lived in Forest Hills for a year and a half, and still consider myself a newcomer.

I've live in the Cord Meyer area and last night someone broke into my car (broke rear window) and stole my driver's side air bag. Nothing else was taken or damaged. The car was parked in the driveway and a few minutes after I discovered the break in, I noticed that the same thing had happened to another car parked on the street. When I called a Honda dealership in Woodside about the approx cost of a new air bag, they told me that someone else had called for the same reason the day before.

So it looks like there's someone or someones in the area interested in driver's side air bags. I don't know whether you would be interested in posting to your site, but thought I'd send it along. Please encourage street parkers to use their steering wheel locks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Make Forest Park Drive Completely Car-Free

In the wake of Summer Streets, the New York Sun is reporting that Transportation Alternatives is advocating banning cars from Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Advocates of a car-free Prospect Park say they have successfully whittled away at the number of hours that cars can use the park each day and are within striking distance of having them banned altogether.

If that goes through, the city should use the same pen to completely ban cars from Forest Park Drive. Parts of it are already closed to cars, but for some reason the ban stops north of Metropolitan where bikers need it most. Because so many people (bikers and peds) enter the park in that Northeast corner, it only makes sense to complete the car ban in that part.

Above, you'll see that there are PLENTY of ways for cars to go south to north through the park. Union Turnpike, the Jackie Robinson, and Park Lane South all run parallel to Forest Park Drive. Closing that part of Forest Park Drive will have absolutely
no effect on traffic, yet it will open a clear path to get to other parts of the park. It's common sense and long overdue.

As it stands now, the only people who use that road are drivers who are too impatient to wait at the Union Turnpike light and thus can speed through the park. Close it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thinking Outside the Foxs

New women's clothing store coming to Austin Street. From the inbox:

We will be opening a new location on Austin Street in October

You can access information about us on our website

We currently have 13 stores. We are very excited about this new location

From the aforementioned website:

At FOX’S we have a unique philosophy we live by: For over twenty years, we’ve opened our doors with the belief that every woman should look and feel special. Our designer clothing and accessories are not only sold at great prices, but we’ve created a unique shopping experience designed with this vision in mind.

I'm trying to get a confirmation of the exact location of this new store. I don't know if it's big, medium, or small, but luckily Austin Street has a wide variety of For Rent spaces specializing in women's clothing (Big - Mandees, Medium - Daniella, Small - Inside NYC). With other locations being in similar towns demographically like Huntington, Stamford, and Mineola, it doesn't sound like it will affect Forest Hills either way.

So, welcome another place where you can get Women's fashions. Though judging from the website, this one seems more with-it than the Diva/Bus Stop/Ice/Kick Up/Zoya variety - and the fact that they emailed me back is a bonus.

Little Big League

Congratulations to Forest Hills Youth Athletic Association – Girl’s Softball Division for pulling off a terrific movie night on Saturday 8/23.

Located at the very cool Little League field, an inflatable movie screen showed "A League of Their Own" in centerfield as people sat on blankets. Also a shout out to the creative local billboards on the rightfield wall - my favorite being from Dani's who give away free pies to anyone who hits the sign.

And to complete the smalltown USA feel, one of the gray-haired organizers had to chase away some harmless dirtbags who had little interest in baseball or cleaning up their paper plates just past first base. The exchange was straight out of Breakfast Club. Oh well, I'm sure there's a town fair where they could hang out instead.

But it really was well done. Completely free (donations were accepted) with modestly priced snacks. See you next year!

Austin Street Playground to Get Upgraded Comfort Station

More details from the 2009 budget are coming out. Here we see $400K going towards the Comfort Station at the Austin Street Park in AQUA. There are other beautification projects listed above, just click on the image.

The immensely popular Austin St. park needs new bathrooms something awful. They are filthy and broken. Let's hope the $400K goes towards a major renovation and not into some contractor's pocket.

I don't know why so many people go to this park over the one on 72nd and GCP, the Sobelson Playground in Forest Park, or even the huge one on Yellowstone. They all love the Austin Street park, but the end of the summer should ease the traffic a bit.

And one more reminder - bicycles are not allowed in the Austin Street park. And if I had my way, water balloons would be prohibited too. As would bratty kids who put their feet over the fountain spouts.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Like Good Music

Belle Arti in Bahar Alley is having an open house Sunday August 24th from 4:30 to 6:30. This popular studio teaches children how to play an instrument and appreciate music.

Upstairs at Young Chefs Academy, the little ones can learn how to cook dinner for themselves, which they will probably have to do if they plan on being a professional musician. The Academy sets up appointments to learn more about the center and August 24th seems as good a time as any. Call ahead.

See more here:

108-10 72nd Rd. bet QB and Austin.

Today's Schedule

All Day: WTA Sony Ericsson Classic at West Side Tennis Club. #1 and #2 seeds already bounced.

1pm: Protest of proposed 21 story hotel/condo on the Pasta Lovers site in Kew Gardens. For more information:

7pm: Final day of Jazz Thursdays. Last week was a wash-out so let's hope for a big turnout tonight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We've Got A Whistle

Take a seat Anonymous.

Restaurant Week Queens

Here are the participating restaurants so far for Queens Restaurant Week, Sept 15 - 25 excluding weekends. for more info. $25 gets you three-course lunch, $35 for dinner. Drinks/tip not included.
2008 Discover Queens Restaurant Week Participants
Let's hope we up that Forest Hills participation a little bit. La Pampas, DB's, East Ocean Palace and Jade come to mind.

From the Inbox:

  • Girl’s Softball invites the community to watch “A League of Their own – A Movie Under the Stars” on August 23rd at 66-01 Fleet Street on the Baseball Fields (between Thornton Place and Alderton Street in Forest Hills). Doors open at 6:00 and the movie will start at Dusk. Concession stand will be available. FREE ADMISSION - donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help offset costs for the GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE at Forest Hills

  • I see on another blog that the Windsor is getting a new vet's office. Is that in the space where the "Community Service Use Only" room was? They got their zoning variance on the condition that they provide "much-needed" community space, you know, where nonprofit groups could use the room. That never materialized, so far, and the "community service" sign is down.

  • it looks like la tavernetta is moving from glendale to metropolitan.
    sign is up at 100-05 metro....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PS 303

Some information finally coming out about PS 303 in Cord Meyer, aka PS 3, aka The Little Red Schoolhouse, aka The Academy for Excellence. Opening next month, it looks like it will serve Pre K through 1st grade initially before expanding to include up to 3rd graders.

A brief from Inside

The Academy for Excellence through the Arts (AEA) offers District 28 a new arts-intensive option for young children. The school, opening in September 2008 with pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st grade classes, will grow to include a 2nd and 3rd grade. Barbara Leto, a former elementary school teacher, is the school's founding principal.

The Academy for Excellence has forged partnerships with Lincoln Center and a dance education consulting firm called "Together in Dance." These organizations will work with a full-time drama teacher to offer enrichment classes. The school day will begin at 8:10 a.m. and end at 3:20 p.m., except for Thursday and Friday, when the day will end at 2:30 p.m.

Admissions: Students must be zoned for PS 196 to apply. (Tanner Kroeger, June 2008)

Breaking the Budget

The 2009 Community Board budget request packet is out. It's a huge document but after a quick review, here are some request highlights for Community Board 6 (CB6 = Forest Hills/Rego Park) and their status. Priority number is a rank by the CB, so a 1 is very important and a 20 is not so much.

Priority 1 Request: Upgrading all sewer systems in CB6.
Response: Further study needed.

Priority 3 Request: Woodhaven Blvd. Safety Improvements.
Response: DOT working on it.

Priority 4: Union Turnpike (from Metropolitan to Woodhaven) Safety Improvements, including service road.
Response: Agency will try to accommodate with existing resources.

Here's a good one:
Priorty 12: Fund additional or expanded parking facility at 112th NYPD Precinct to alleviate congestion.
Response: After extensive search by NYPD, no site is available.

Ouch. Something's got to be done there (Yellowstone/Austin). It's a total mess and almost all of it can be blamed on the police parking illegally - most notable in the turn lanes.

A bunch of other stuff is in there. Check it out for yourself and feel free to comment. (pdf file)

And what would a city-wide budget post be without a little inequality griping. I'll leave you with this:

From Brooklyn CB 6:

Priority 12: Sufficient funds are requested to undertake a series of Capital improvements to Prospect Park, including but not limited to, Litchfield Villa (2 mil) Oriental Pavilion (200K), Lighting at Grand Army Plaza and lighting of the arch at Grand Army Plaza.

Response: Funding for this project was added during adoption.

From Queens CB6:

Priority CS (meaning it's always a priority): Study Williow Lake for preservation of the area. Repair or replace fencing in the area.

Response: Insufficient funds, call your councilmember.

Hold on a second. Prospect Park, that already well-funded park gets the 2 million, while Willow Lake, which could be beautiful but is currently a damn disgrace, gets the high hat?

Overall, you'll see if you read it, our CB asks for lots of flooding stuff, some building inspectors, more Queens Blvd safety improvements, but sadly not much in they way of beautification like other CB's seemed to ask for. Oh, and you'll find lots of senior citizen goodies. Hey, don't bitch, they go to the meetings. . .

Note to Nick's - Change the Menu

Okay, Nick's we get it. You make a great pizza - the best in the city. But after 15 years, let's see something new. Maybe an appetizer, daily special, chairs and tables, even a new pizza tray. You cleaned up at the 2007 Seventy Deuces, so you're doing something right and the pizza is awesome. But it's getting tough to justify weekly visits for the same thing every time. It was great when you changed the pepperoni size a few years ago, but since then. . nothing.

Also, enough with the cash only. It used to be quaint, now it's just a pain in the ass.

Serve it Up

Here is the draw for this week's WTA Sony Ericsson's tournament at the West Side Tennis Club. Admission is free today through Friday. $10 for the finals on Saturday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bummed Out

Here's the official listing for the Beach Bum Tanning property. As an AQUA resident, here's who I think should call DAKOTA REALTY 4 U!!!!!:

Starbucks or similar coffee business: Right now people in the area have to go to Bagels etc or Bonnelle to get coffee and it's not very good. There are a lot of parents dragging ass in the hood, real coffee place would be huge. Sonoma is good, but a bit out of the way.

A good deli, like Redwood: Nowhere to get a sandwich or quick cold drink in area.

Healthy Juice Bar: Ripe Express?

Ice Cream: Area has lost Baskin, Ralph's, and Cold Stone within last two years. Uncle Louie G's is far and depressing.

A Real Bagel Place: Bagel's Etc is coasting on its location. Counter people are rude and bagels are supermarket quality.

Here's Who I Think Will Call (odds in parenthesis):

Cell Phone Retailer (1:1)
Dunkin Donuts (3:1)
Medical Office That "Accepts All Insurances" (1:2)
Even Better Buttons (25:1)
Abby's 2 (75:1)
Beach Bum Tanning (5:1)

And the ad:

Listing Information
Property Type: Commercial, Retail-Commercial - Street Retail
Address: 73rd Rd & Queens Blvd, 11375
Cross Streets: ,
Area: Forest Hills

Property Description:
Prime Corner Location!!! Right on Queens Blvd., steps from subway station & bus stop. ** 1,395 sqft. first floor and 1,845 sqft. high ceiling basement ** Monthly rent $12,750 * * * Call for more info @718-764-5005 * * *

Building Information

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Items of Note:

Moca is almost finished. Looks great inside - but expect lots of hair gel the first few weeks. Too much neon for them to pass up. It's unrecognizable from UJ's, the great Forest Hills diner that coulda been. Like fellow newcomer Bangkok Cuisine, raises the bar on Restaurant Row.

Mandees/Annie Sez - Still for rent and getting tougher to look at everyday. Brings that Eddie Bauer/Barnes & Noble area down.

Sorisi/Tasti Delight - Gone from funny to embarrassing. This boarded up building looks straight out of the South Bronx 1979. And it's the first thing people see when coming off the subway.

The idling FDNY ambulance at the Continental/Austin intersection: What is the purpose of this traffic-causing pollution spewing mainstay?

Lights on Ascan Ave - Got an email from someone opposed the new light at Kessel an Ascan. I've got no problem with it. There's also one at Continental and Kessel so you can go down Kessel without having to inch forward and the cross streets without the fear of getting smashed into at a moment's notice.

Lastly, Trade Fair is now offering the 10% Senior discount on Wednesdays only. In other words, do not go to Trade Fair on Wednesdays.

From the Inbox:

As emailed to me this week - none of it is confirmed.

  • You might be interested in what's going on at the Chatham, a co-op with many renters at 72nd Ave & Queens Blvd. The building management has always been inconsistent, volatile but not, at heart, mean...until now. After being openly pet-friendly for many years (with management/ownership touting such pet friendliness at annual co-op board meetings), they're now trying to roust pet-owner renters.

  • Did you hear there was a stabbing at AJs pizza on Austin Street last night? Between employees, in the kitchen around 10:45 pm. Victim was taken away in an ambulance, stabber ran away. That's really all I know.

  • DOT has advised that they have finally commenced work on resurfacing the entire 7.5 miles of QB.
    They just started in Sunnyside and will work eastward to Jamaica Av. This project is nearly 2 years behind schedule. Tons of complaints and petitions have poured into City Hall over the last few years. QB has not seen fresh asphalt in nearly 14 years!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Say Goodbye. . .

As sent to me, here are some photos of yet another pretty Cord Meyer house that's being torn down on 69th Rd, between GCP and 108th. After the email, I checked the public property records and indeed a demolition order has been submitted by the recent purchaser (part of the roof is already gone). They are also demolishing the detached garage.

Hard to explain this one, as the house clearly does not need to be torn down (maybe a paint job) and has some great details that will be missed. Bad job Katz and Stuchinski. Too much time worrying about the A frames by Metropolitan. These houses needed your help too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

0 For 2

The first two stores put up signs at the Gabriel Shopping Center (Metropolitan and Continental). Welcome T-Mobile and some women's fitness place, I think it was called Sedona Fitness, but not sure.

Anyway, no Starbucks as the developer had previously said. That's a bummer. Still beats the old chop shop but not a good start onsidering all the people he pissed off with this thing. Cell phone store and a small fitness place. Boo!

Morning Odds on the next store:

Nail Salon: 2:1

Local Bank: 3:1

National Bank: 20:1

Subway Sandwiches: 7:1

Bagel Shop with Pun In Its Name (i.e. Dough Nutz) 15:1

Bagel Shop No Pun (i.e. Bagels For You) 6:1

Hair Salon: 1:2

Here are some of your guesses when the plans were first announced last year:

The World

Being the most diverse borough in the world, it's good to have a very basic understanding of current world events. If you're American like me, here are some very basic things to talk about when your kids play with their kids on the slide:

China: The Olympics are going on right now. Opening ceremonies were unbelievable. If you get a chance watch them online. Amazing in every way.

Russia/Georgia: Georgia is trying to compete with Russian in providing oil to the West. Russia doesn't like that and it's gotten messy.

South America: Hugo Chavez wants to be Fidel Castro but doesn't have the popular support. Chavez charging US oil companies more and more everyday for access to Venezulean oil - some have bailed altogether.

Yes the above might sound too basic, but it's a good way to start a conversation. Just set them up and let them speak.

And after reading the above, I now realize why I have very few friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bloomberg: Toll the Bridges

Mayor Bloomberg is warming up a cold case by suggesting tolls be put on all bridges/tunnels into Manhattan. It's an idea that's been explored by every NYC Mayor since Peter Stuyvesant.

Many will remember that I was 100% against congestion pricing and still am. However, I am less opposed to these tolls. Mainly because it taxes people who leave Manhattan, while Congestion Pricing only punished those entering. Plus, it's stupid policy to have the crossings on expressways tolled while the ones in residential areas (59th St. bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg, etc) are free. Wouldn't you want LESS traffic in those areas?

It will never pass, but East River tolls combined with a parking permit plan for park n' ride neighborhoods is something worth looking at. While you're at it, let's see tolls on the LIE and GCP at the Queens/Nassau border.


Can it be true? The Beach Bum Tanning on 73rd Rd. and Queens Blvd has a large "Available" sign with Dakota Realty's phone number in the window.

The store which specializes in people hanging out on a couch and blocking intersections with tinted windowed Nissan's, is still operating. So, there's still time to get whatever it is people get in there, but always leave untanned.

Pigs: Clean Up Your Mess

One of the more frustrating things about litter is the anonymity of it. You come across a Starbucks cup on the ground or a McD's Apple Pie box on the sidewalk and wonder who would just throw it there.

So it was when I went to the Austin Street park this morning and found some large empty Domino's pizza boxes and contents within left by the fountains where the kids play. It created a huge and ugly mess and there were two garbage cans six feet way. Who would be so thoughtless to leave such a mess in a children's playground?

However, upon further inspection, it seems Domino's prints the location and phone number of the orders right there on the boxes. (edited out phone number) 111-10 76th Rd, clean it up slob.

Most amazing (more so than even someone calling Domino's in NYC) is that the building is right across the street from the park. You would think that if anyone had an interest in its cleanliness, it would be these residents.

Friday, August 8, 2008

"How Is My Mercedes?"

It's hard to imagine someone as selfish as this. 15 years is too good for this "troubled teen":

From the NY Post:

A heartless teen cared more about the pricey car he was driving than the Queens couple he killed in a drugged-up joyride, prosecutors said yesterday.

"How is my Mercedes? That was supposed to be my car," Jacob Chubalashvili, 17, allegedly told cops when he was questioned at Jamaica Hospital, where he was being treated for injuries after the deadly Tuesday-morning crash.

And the NY Daily News:

A pot-smoking and pill-popping Queens teen who killed a married couple in a high speed crash was more concerned about his fancy car, prosecutors say.

"How is my Mercedes? That was supposed to be my car," Jacob Chubalashvili, 17, told a detective at Jamaica Hospital after learning of the fatalities.

Chubalashvili has two other open criminal cases, one for robbing a pre-teen in a playground, and the other for turnstile jumping, prosecutors said.

One quick editorial note, this isn't racial. This year, Forest Hills has seen white cops driving drunk killing passengers, an Asian teen (also in a black Mercedes) driving drunk killing a pedestrian, and another white drunk that ran over a baby stroller in front of Gerard Towers and Parker Towers.

It's not about his nationality. It's is about locking him up so he can't do it again. This animal clearly has no regard for anyone's life but his own.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Things You Flip: Baseball Cards, Pancakes, AJ's Pizza?

This listing just got put on the MLS. . .

I can't link to it so just type in MLS # 2104565 into (find a home link). Here's what you'll find:

Business Info
Business Type: Fast Food
DBA: Pizza
Lease Years: 5
Total Income: $278000
Net Income: $278,000

It has the 71-37 Austin Street address listed.

Asking Price? 6.5 million.

Huang bought it last month for 5 million. I don't know anything about commercial real estate so maybe he's just selling the business and not the building. But 6.5 million to take over a pizza place? It's gotta be the building.

Katz Rocks

Interesting blurb from the underrated local paper Queens Ledger about the grand opening of NY Diamond Boutique at 71-46 Austin St.

The boutique, which specializes in fine diamond jewelry, held its grand opening on Thursday and had a big turnout, including Councilwoman Melinda Katz, who brought her baby along for the occasion.

“This is just a great place to get jewelry without going to the city,” she said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “And we’re glad to welcome you to our neighborhood.”

So now we can all walk to get our diamonds. However, if you need a decent plunger or nice toy. . .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

15 Years, Minimum

Just got back and see they got to the bottom of what happened on the GCP service road. Could have been anyone of us or our families that were hit. And crushed into pieces.

Charge this no-good garbage with murder, just like they do on Long Island. If they do anything right, it's prosecute reckless driving correctly. Anything less than 15 years behind bars is unacceptable. This is not a tragedy - it's an Goddamned outrage. It easily could have been you or your parents in that Acura. The deceased couple, the Kim's, have a daughter at Yale.

I just briefly scanned the comments, but the one who called on Chuck Shumer to intercede is absolutely right. Melinda Katz too.

15 years. Minimum. Or get out of office because you're useless. I just wish that Mercedes hit a nice hard light pole instead of the Kim's Acura.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Major Car Crash in Cord Meyer

Thanks to the Queens Central Forums for this one. . .

At least 2 people are dead after a serious car accident in Forest Hills on the east bound Grand Central Parkway service road involving two cars, CBS 2 HD has learned. Emergency service crews responded to 69th Road just after 6 a.m. Two people were pronounced dead on the scene, while a third passenger is in very critical condition. One of the two cars involved in the crash, an acura, carrying a man and a woman, was split in half, and mangled debris scattered all over the road. The passengers in the Acura were killed immediately, an EMS official said. The car that struck the Acura was a black Mercedes-Benz. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Bellevue Hospital.

Judging by the location, I would guess that someone tried to beat a light. My guess is it's the Mercedes since the other car was split in two, killing the passengers. You wouldn't have enough speed off the light to cause that damage. But maybe it was just someone wasn't paying attention and ran a light.

One day, there'll be red light cameras across the city. Anything that inconveniences drivers in Forest Hills is a great thing.

Friday, August 1, 2008

From the Inbox:

Keeping with the two-wheeled theme, Steve Melnick writes:

I just noticed 4 sites along the sidewalks of Continental Av that have been designated for bike racks. DOT confirms that they should be installed shortly. The locations are marked with 2 orange spots.

Check out the sidewalks outside of Rite Aid, Starbucks, Duane Reade, and Radio Shack. Rack are only installed on sidewalks wider than 12 feet.

I counted 17 bikes chained to trees, poles and tree guards earlier this week.
Our efforts in sending in the NYC City Racks request forms paid off. Thanks to all who participated!

Steve Melnick
Queens Blvd Restoration Group

After I read this I walked down there are there are indeed big orange paint dots along Continental Ave from the subway to the LIRR.

Groundhog Daily News

August 1st is Groundhog Day at the Daily News.

Some might remember Barbara Corcoran's asinine advice column on November 8th, 2007

Q. My wife and I have lived in Queens for the past 10 years and we plan on staying in the area for about another five. We are noticing lately that all of our neighbors are paving their yards and then use the space to park their cars on.

My wife has spent many hours cultivating her plants and would like to keep the garden, but I think having a driveway will help us increase the price of the house when it comes time to sell. What do you think?

A. Hey, a flower garden might look pretty and keep your wife happy, but the space in front of your house is worth a hell of a lot more as a driveway.

You should know that the city council of Queens has just proposed a zoning change that would prohibit residents from paving their yards in some areas.

So get your wife on your side and get a cement truck over there fast.

Skirting the law to make quality of life worse for New Yorkers, and blatantly going against the environmental initiatives the City is working so hard to implement. Bad stuff.

NY Daily News got predictable heat from the column. (Lawns are for Losers) (Barbara to Homeowners - Pave that Lawn)

Almost all the posts above advocated writing into the AskBarbara@nydailynews address and tell them what you think, which many of you did.

Results? From today's 8/1/08 NY Daily News (online and print). (it's on page 2)

Q My wife and I have lived in Queens for the past 10 years and we plan on staying in the area for about another five. We are noticing lately that all of our neighbors are paving their yards and then use the space to park their cars on. My wife has spent many hours cultivating her plants and would like to keep the garden, but I think having a driveway will help us increase the price of the house when it comes time to sell. What do you think?

A Hey, a flower garden might look pretty and keep your wife happy, but the space in front of your house is worth a hell of a lot more as a driveway.

You should know that the city council of Queens has just proposed a zoning change that would prohibit residents from paving their yards in some areas. So get your wife on your side and get a cement truck over there fast.

I don't mind the lazy repeat so much, even though it's not indicated as such anywhere on the website or print edition. I am a bit concerned over their lack of awareness of reader's feelings about the issue. Do they not check the AskBarbara email account?

And by the way, unlike November 2007, it's illegal now. How do I know? I read it in The Daily News: