Friday, January 9, 2009

Atlas Stand?

Also from the Inbox:

I know you commented on Atlas before and just wanted to see if you heard about the closings there.
Blue Tulip is closing (entire national chain went out) by Jan. 31st. Then we heard Pasticcio had closed. True! We went by this weekend and the place was closed with no sign on the door explaining the closure. What a shame. My wife and I had dined there a bunch of times and loved the food and the decor. Also heard rumours that J. Jill and Shiro's would be closing.

Word is management is unbending on wanting this to be really upscale shopping but if this keeps up we'll see the whole place shut down. If they can't provide the shopper base they advertise who'll want to open a store there? Why go so upscale (and elderly) in your offerings?

They keep getting buses rerouted to their mall but will the high-end customers take the bus? Funny how the one neighborhood they are always touting as their base, Forest Hills, is the one they couldn't get a bus rerouted from.Shouldn't the 23 be the one they should have nailed down first?