Monday, January 26, 2009

Final Dispatch from the Front of the Continental War

I've intercepted a communication from an undisclosed location behind the East's lines. Transcript follows:

Weiner: General Ferraro.

Ferraro: Yes, Lieutenant Weiner.

Weiner: Disturbing news from our spies on the West.

Ferraro: Go ahead, Lieutenant.

Weiner: The West is going nuclear.

Ferarro: You mean. . .

Weiner: Chains.


Weiner: General Ferraro?

Ferraro: I'm here.

Weiner: What are we going to do? I mean, we did great with the battles of Oko and Q, but at some point a truce has to be considered.

Ferraro. If they're going chains, we'll go chains.

Weiner: That means complete annihilation. Not to mention, our chains aren't exactly. . .I mean Barnes and Noble alone. . .

Ferraro: Fire them up.

Weiner: Geraldine! We can't possible compete. . .

Ferraro: Fire them up!

And that's were the Continental War took a horrific turn. The final, and bloodiest battle of the Continental War is in your sidebar.