Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tierra Insana

Per an email from Michael Perlman, who I guess is friends with the owners of Tierra Sana, comes a press release with this interesting concept:

FOREST HILLS, NY (Jan 29, 2009) – Queens and citywide food enthusiasts will soon have lots more to crave for, without breaking their budget! “Tierra Sana” (healthy earth), a health café and lounge situated in the heart of Queens (100-17 Queens Blvd near 67th Ave), takes great pride in announcing Pay What You Want Tuesdays, beginning Feb 3, 2009.

This novelty concept will be a means of offering the community a relief from the status of the economy, while enjoying nutritional, yet tasty food. People deserve the chance to eat healthy! Patrons will have the privilege of ordering a healthy breakfast, lunch, & dinner from a diverse menu, and paying what they feel it is worth. Pay What You Want Tuesdays apply to the Health Café menu which includes breakfast specials, paninis, wraps, sushi, appetizers, soups, salads, hot platters, desserts, fresh juices, tea/juice infusions, and also applies to neo-tribal cuisine dinners. It excludes alcoholic beverages and delivery