Thursday, March 12, 2009

His Casa Really Is Su Casa

Here's the deal. I own and operate a Mexican restaurant on Metropolitan Ave in Forest Hills, and I am looking to find a tenant to sign a new lease for my space. The space seats about 40 people and has a complete kitchen with a basement for storage. Pending approval of the landlord, I am looking to secure a ten year lease at 5750 per month with a 4% annual increase. Good credit is a must. The landlord requires a two month deposit ($11500), and the tenant is responsible for a portion (I believe 33%) of any property tax INCREASES during the leasehold term. Because the combination of bad weather (winter) and a bad economy is not the greatest of mixes for a restaurant, we are currently only operating during the weekends. Please keep this in mind if you are looking to check the place out during operating hours. That's it. No Key Money. No Gimmicks. Simply agree to the terms of the lease, and the place is yours. Start operating the next day if you like! Please email any questions or concerns you may have, or call me. Good Luck.