Monday, March 16, 2009

Pedestrian Mall on Station Square

Mayor Bloomberg does have some great ideas. And one of them came to fruition while I was away. Turning part of Broadway into a pedestrian mall is necessary. Unlike the High Line, this really is a huge tourist draw (one of the world's biggest) and it makes total sense to make it safer and more enjoyable. I commend the Mayor for getting it done. Broadway had fallen into a state of congestion which made it hard to enjoy. Bloomberg's plan is a homerun.

A draw to Forest Hills which has also fallen into a state of traffic confusion is Station Square. Why cars were allowed to dominate this "Sqaure" is mind-boggling, and Forest Hills most attractive landscape is sadly its most dangerous. But obviously the city is in a mood to take Sqaures back to the people they were designed for.

Here's how it might look. No reason not to get it done now while the mood is right. Councilmember 29 wannabe's? Should make a nice campaign platform. . .