Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In a move that's sure to infuriate the Mayor, Albany lawmakers have scrapped East River tolls and are instead looking to impose a fee on taxi rides. From the Daily News:

Cab passengers would have to pay 50 cents more per ride under a version of an MTA bailout plan being discussed Tuesday.

If the Mayor and his followers' true intention to this toll/congestion pricing crusade is to lessen traffic and pollution, they'll be okay with this. But since it's really about punishing outer borough cars for having the gall to enter Manhattan, expect everyone to blast it.

Make no mistake, there is a feeling at City Hall and in the newspapers that people who drive from Queens into Manhattan for free are somehow getting away with something. Never mind that they can drive anywhere in the country for free and that they pay hefty city income and property taxes.

I don't have a dog in this fight. I don't drive into Manhattan and I think people who do are either idiots are have no other option. I just don't want to Manhattan-bound drivers to be taxed into park and riding from Forest Hills so Grammercy residents can have a nicer walk to work.

Impose a citywide 20% parking garage tax and be done with it.